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You are forbidden to die.
~ SAOK Tagline.
Sword Art Online (Kenji)
Story Information
Publish 27th August 2019
Author Kenji Hiroshi
Status In-progress
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Sword Art Online (ソードアート・オンライン, Sōdo Āto Onrain) is a Japanese light novel series written by Kawahara Reki. This particular fanon spin-off, authored by User:Kenji Hiroshi, began in August of 2019. The main POV characters are Kenji Hiroshi and Fujimaru Nakamura, with the members of the «Brightscale» guild serving as supporting characters. The story format is based on that of the Progressive series, specifically the light novels.


SAOK is split into several parts, each with an individual theme guiding the chapters.

  • The first part, comprising ten individual chapters between December 4th and December 31st of 2022, deals with "companionship". These chapters where published between August 28th 2019, and September 14th 2019, and served to introduce the main cast of characters and lay the foundation for additional chapters.
  • An extensive overhaul of the Part I chapters began on the 24th of September 2019 and is currently ongoing.
  • A series of chapters were also published that were one-shot in nature that looked into the stories of the supporting characters. These chapters, dubbed "The Inbetweeners", began publication on the 21st of September and are currently ongoing. These chapters fall under the umbrella of Part I and thus the main theme remains "companionship".
  • The second part, comprising a currently unspecified number of chapters, deals with "determination".


For additional information see SAOK Timeline.

Aincrad arc

Part I: Companionship


Part II: Determination







Author's notes

Behind the scenes

  • The main and supporting characters all share their names with various characters in my Bleach stories.
  • Whilst Progressive remains the primary reference point for the background story certain aspects, such as Sword Skills, are based on those seen in the various console games. Hollow Factor and Lost Song specifically.
  • The intent is to carry the story up until the 75th Floor. At this point the story will diverge into two branches:
  • The first, which will continue the canon story, will continue to be posted under the abbreviation SAOK. This branch of the story will be available to read here.
  • The second, which will feature a non-canon story exploring the 76th-100th floor of Aincrad, will run concurrently and be posted under the Sword Art Online Alternate (Kenji) title, abbreviated as SAOAK. This branch of the story will be linked from here but be featured on


  • The shorthand for Sword Art Online (Kenji) is SAOK.
  • The shorthand for Sword Art Online Alternate (Kenji) is SAOAK.
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