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Sword Art Online: Zeltran
Lithinlorik 3
Story Information
Publish April 18, 2015
Author Whizad
Cover Character/s Lithinlorik
Status On Delayed Release
Time to cause a little mayhem.
~ Yzjdriel

  • Genre: Action/Adventure
  • Rating: 15+ (L,MV)


Sword Art Online: Zeltran (abbreviated SAO:Z but most commonly simply called Zeltran, and not to be confused with the eponymous guild) is the story of the members of the Guild Zeltran starting from before its creation and lasting until EWO.


There are many small segments in this story. I won't list them all here.

Instead, I'll just explain how this works.

Each story Arc corresponds to a specific moment in time. For example, Arc 1.1 happens at the same time for all the characters. Since not all the characters have met at that point, they have a separate account of what happened on that date.

I have ordered the stories in two different ways:

  • by character
  • by Arc

The "v2" on the titles of pages has nothing to do with the story. It simply means that page is part of the second link path I made.

You'll catch on.

Character-Specific Link Paths (Author's recommendation):

Arc-Order Link Paths:

You can read part of Arc 2 by going in Character-Specific order.


The main characters of this story are the members of the guild Zeltran. The main characters of each story arc will be listed at the top of their respective pages.

There is a blog post with a list of the main protagonists, antagonists, etc. from each broad arc.

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