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Sword Art Online: Warlords of The End
Story Information
Author BeoBlade
Cover Character(s) Hiryu Kamizono
Serena Sakurai
Hikari Kaneki
Status in-Progress
Prequel N/A
Sequel N/A
Related Stories N/A

  Sword Art Online: Warlords of the End is a Fanfiction written by BeoBlade, This Fanfiction is inside the VRMMORPG Sword Art Online and revolves around the members of Warlords of the Sacred Blades.


The history tells about Hiryu Kamizono, the Guild Leader of the "Warlords of the Sacred Blades". He joined Sword Art Online when he discovered that his guild from Phoenix Rising Online had been trapped on the game, and since he was one of the Beta testers, he had the courage to enter in SAO world and rescue his friends and beat all the 100 floors.



  • Warlords of the Sacred Blades
    • Hiryu Kamizono - Guild Leader, protagonist
    • Serena Sakurai - Second Protagonist
    • Hugo Kamizono - Hiryu's brother, vice-president of WSB.
    • Raiden -
    • Koji -
    • Bob -
    • Dwayne -
  • Feather
    • Hohenheim - Hiryu's friend, Guild Leader of Feather.
    • Zeta - Member of Feather, usually helps WSB with the Floor Bosses.

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Music Themes

If I Die Young - Nightcore (Male Slow Version) Lyrics

If I Die Young - Nightcore (Male Slow Version) Lyrics


  • Hiryu and Hugo's surname are based on Azure Striker Gunvolt.
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