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Sword Art Online: Truth and Ideals
Truth and Ideals Title
Story Information
Publish January 1, 2014
Author 1caiser
Status Abandoned

Join me, brothers and sisters, and help create a utopia for only what is correct. And the false shall be stowed away into the coffins of their rebelliousness. To laugh at their incompetence... is the statement of Laughing Coffin.
~ PoH

Sword Art Online: Truth and Ideals (serialized as Truth and Ideals, and also written as TaI) is an abandoned, alternate-timeline, fan-fiction story written by 1caiser, under his alias Kai Socrius. The story follows Kai, a former Laughing Coffin member, and his journey to the 100th Floor to defeat the boss that resides there and return the trapped SAO players to reality.

It has been succeeded by Sword Art Online: The Rain in our Souls (Read on


  • Genre: Adventure/Drama
  • Rating: T (Violence, Death, Language)
  • Alternate Timeline Summary

Kai is a member of the Red guild «Laughing Coffin», but he begins to have doubts regarding the Guild's ideals and PoH's vision for a "utopia for the strong." When the Guild's members stray from their statement of being keepers of justice, Kai resorts to being a front-liner, and fighting for freedom from the Death Game for all of the trapped players.

Alternate Timeline

  • Kirito is not the only known "Beater".
  • This FF does not focus on Kirito, but he is a main character.
  • The Ruby Palace (100th Floor) will be reached, and Heathcliff is the final boss.
  • The FF plot will coincide with both the SAO anime and light novel elements, but may deviate from some interactions.
  • The remaining 8 Unique Skills will be revealed, but some will be done so prior to reaching the 90th Floor.


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Clannad Sorarado - Roaring Ocean

Clannad Sorarado - Roaring Ocean

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Steins;Gate ED Full

Ending Theme for Truth and Ideals (Lyrics)


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