In the world of Sword Art Online, there is an unspoken rule among players - to never allow one's HP to fall to zero. However, there are many who reject such a rule. These are the Player Killers. Among them is a mysterious individual, capable of ignoring the rules of the game. The target of the fearsome PKKer known as the Terror of death...
The "Tri-Edge".
~ Opening Narration

Sword Art Online: The Terror of Death is a story published on It is set in during the timeskip between Kirito's interactions with Lisbeth and Silica following the tragedy of the Moonlight Black Cat's guild, and his reunion with Asuna Yuuki on the 74th Floor.

SAO: Terror of Death follows the infamous Player Killer Killer known as Haseo, who hunts down a mysterious avatar who is capable of defying the rules of the game, who is known as "Tri-Edge."

The story takes many elements from the .hack//G.U trilogy, in that it has malicious computer programs that are otherwise harmful in the real world network, mysterious monsters that can provide incredible strength and turn an avatar 'broken,' and features four characters from the series playing major roles: with Haseo reprising his role as protagonist, Ovan and Shino as the leaders of the Twilight Brigade guild, and Atoli as a major character, who in the story is the younger twin sister of Shino.

It is the first entry of the SAO: GU PROJECT trilogy, with a sequel being planned in the near future.


Sword Art Online, the Death Game that trapped over 10,000 people inside of it, has been played for over a year now. In this time, many terrifying individuals who care nothing about freeing themselves, and others, from the game roam. These are the Player Killers. However, among their number is a mysterious character, who is rumored to be able to defy the laws of the game. Though considered to be nothing more than a mere rumor, one player, known to all as the Terror of Death, actively seeks them out.

However, when Haseo finally encounters this illusive PKer, he is easily defeated...though rather than die in the real world, his avatar's level has been lowered, and the majority of his inventory corrupted. Forced to start over, Haseo resumes his quest to hunt "Tri-Edge." In his quest, however, he comes across a powerful force that promises great power if harnessed.

Just what awaits Haseo in his quest as he hunts down "Tri-Edge?"










  • Among the elements or plot pieces from G.U appearing in SAO: ToD are the AIDA, Morgana Factor Avatars, the four characters listed above, as well as the G.U. organization.
  • The story was posted at on June 27th, 2017.
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