This Series, Sword Art Online: New Aincrad, is property of FedeTkd.

Sword Art Online: New Aincrad
Story Information
Author FedeTkd
Cover Character(s) Kirito & Galant
Status On Hiatus
Prequel Sword Art Online: Past of Ashes
Sequel Sword Art Online: The Stardust Knight Rises

Sword Art Online: New Aincrad(Also known as Sword Art Online: NA, or more simple, SAO:NA) is a fan-fiction series created and written by FedeTkd. It is the sequel of Sword Art Online: Past of Ashes, but it can be read before it. It will have a sequel, named Sword Art Online: The Stardust Knight Rises.


In August 2026, after the end of the Alicization Arc, Kirito and his friends have returned to ALfheim Online to find most of Aincrad in control of Hao, who under the title of Supreme King, has risen his legions to become the new King of Aincrad and unite the hundred floors of the floating castle under a banner of peace. As response to the looming threat, Kirito has rallied his friends and many of Hao's enemies, forming the Knights of the Blood Oath, to defeat the tyrant and climb to the top of the world and finish what he started almost four years ago.

As they Blood Knights venture into the war for Aincrad, they encounter the mysterious solo-player Galant, a mercenary for the Legions who is embarked on a personal crusade in the game, searching revenge for the person who took everything away from him.

As they advance from floor to floor of the floating castle, their skills, resolve, and ideologies will cash in the Great Aincrad War, an event that shall decide the fate of all of New Aincrad.

  • Genre: Action/Drama/Adventure/Romance
  • Rating: +13


Principal Story Line

Arc 1: Battle for Freedom

SAO-NA - Arc 1-CoverArc1-ver2

Cover for Arc 1

Arc 2: Battle for Aincrad


Arc 2 Cover




Music Themes

LiSA - Oath Sign

LiSA - Oath Sign

Unbeatable Love I Surely Have

Unbeatable Love I Surely Have

"Ash" - By LiSA

"Ash" - By LiSA

Aimer - Brave Shine

Aimer - Brave Shine

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