It's series oudon'tevenknow. It's about experiences Madelyn Blackland in Sword Art Online world.


In the year 2022, Madd (the main protagonist), a solo player who had the luck-of-the-draw to play the beta version, and the many other players of Sword Art Online (SAO) are trapped inside of a game, unable to logout; the only way to live is to win. Death in-game means death in the real world; tampering with or prolonged power outages to the Nerve Gear, the gear that simulates in-game character control by redirecting brain signals, also means death. To win means to defeat the final boss on the top floor; out of the original 10,000 players at the start. All happenings collateral to Kirito adventures.


- Madelyn Blackland

- Kirito

- Asuna

(and I will give the rest later)


- Episode 1

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