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Sword Art Online: Deletion
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Story Information
Author Kaizawaraiko
Cover Character(s) Gwenhwyfar
Prequel N/A
Sequel N/A
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You are just... as lonely as I am.
~ Gwenhwyfar to Takano

Sword Art Online: Deletion (ソード・アート・オンライン・ディリーション, Sōdoāto Onrain -Diriishon-) is a fan fiction authored by Kaizawaraiko set in the VRMMO New ALfheim Online.


A powerful artificial intelligence system, «Black Sails», successfully took over the Cardinal System of New ALfheim Online, entrapping the players logged in and creating a somewhat Sword Art Online 2.0.

After hearing that some of the youngest members of her guild had been trapped inside the game, Gwen rushes in for their rescue, alongside Tsukiyomi. Though she successfully manages to bypass the system and log them out safely, it wasn't long until «Black Sails» revoked her GM rights, permanently locking her and her partner inside the game.



  • Takano Mizushima - The child prodigy who created «Black Sails».
  • Gwenhwyfar (Kaizawa Raiko) - Guild captain of the Teutonic Knights and a part-time employee of Ymir.
  • Tsukiyomi (Ryuu Takeuchi) - The captain's closest perverted companion and a Spriggan well-versed in technology.
  • Muse (Chihara Utau) - A Pooka trapped inside the game, and later joins Gwen's little team.
  • Theseus - The final addition to Gwen's team. He is an Undine player.
  • Lancelot (Arthur Lancaster) - Gwenhwyfar's younger brother and an Undine living in the United Kingdom.
  • Laevateinn (Chiyoe Ishikawa) - A close friend of both Gwenhwyfar and Tsukiyomi.
  • Yukio Amamiya - An employee of Ymir and Game Master of New ALfheim Online.
  • MeRLiN - Gwenhwyfar's AI working alongside her for Ymir.


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Regret Message English Dub

Regret Message English Dub


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