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Sword Art Online: Angels Rebellion is a fanfiction story created by author LacedUp. It takes place within the canon Sword Art Online series, but tells of the path of Bellator, a player whose guild becomes locked in a struggle against Aincrad's deadliest Guild: The Fallen Angels.


The story follows Bellator, a Beta Tester, one of the 10,000 players trapped in Sword Art Online, and leader of his Guild, the Brotherhood of the Bloodborne Zone. After learning about the existance of a Player Killing Guild known as the Fallen Angels, Bellator will band together with his Guild and the other Clearer Guilds in order to stop them from annihilating everything that stands in their path.


Arc I: Rise of the Fallen



  • Brotherhood of the Bloodborne Zone
    • Bellator
    • Raiju
    • Risa
    • Kaien
    • Corbin
    • Takuya
    • Haruhi
    • Tak
    • Alice
    • Momonosuke
  • Knights of the Blood Oath
    • Heathcliff
    • Asuna
    • Godfree
    • Kuradeel
    • Kirito


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