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Sword Art Online: Always Deadly
Story Information
Author PercyJacks
Cover Character(s) Nedelin
Status On hiatus

 Sword Art Online: Always Deadly is an in-progress Sword Art Online fanfiction written by PercyJacks. Current story progress is published here.


"So, it appears I'm trapped in this 'death game' as many people call it. Honestly I had no idea this would happen. And apparently I cannot escape until all 100 floors are cleared. Not a problem at all for most gamers. Thing is, those gamers have to move now. I seriously doubt those fat guys would have the energy to defeat a boss, much less clear 100 floors of monsters.

We all are gonna have to team up and work together. Be nice and make friends right? I can't do that. I'm what people call an 'otaku' and I have trouble socializing, or going out of the house in general. I have one friend. You cannot make a party with one friend. I'm gonna have to man up and be more social. Ugh.

Whelp, this is going to be an interesting part of my life.

Welcome to my world."


Note: This story is written like a translation of a Japanese light novel, so prepare to see lines of text that you would usually see in anime subtitles.

2nd Note: This story will have words enclosed in parentheses. (example) Those words are meant to be said in the Japanese term for them.

3rd Note: This story involves a lot of perspective switching to change the readers' views on the current events in the story and to see deeper into how each character feels during said events.


Characters with names (so far)

Japanese Terms

Note: These terms will appear in no specific order, and will be added as soon as they appear. If you see a word that does not appear here, please notify PercyJacks as soon as possible.

  • I'm glad = Yokatta
  • Hey = Nee (pronounced 'neh')
  • Yeah = Un 
  • Everyone = Minna
  • Sister = Onee-chan
  • What are you doing = Nani yattendayo?
  • Mom = Okaa-san
  • I'm fine = Daijobu
  • Idiot = Baka (you probably knew this one already)
  • Cute = Kawaii
  • I don't want to = Iyada
  • Wrong = Chigau
  • Let's go = Ikimashou
  • Welcome = Irasshaimasen
  • Master = Goshuujin-sama
  • Tired = Tsukareta
  • Nope/No/I can't = Dame/Iya/Iie
  • Help me = Tasukete
  • But = Demo
  • Um = Ettou/Ano
  • Let's eat = Itadakimasu
  • Sorry for the wait = Omatase shimashita


Music Themes

Always Deadly Theme -「This Game」 dj-Jo Remix Full Version

Always Deadly Theme -「This Game」 dj-Jo Remix Full Version


  • Edit: December 13, 2017. I'm cringing at this whole thing.
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