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Sword Art Online: 1/world
Written by: 1caiser
Published: 04:45, September 11, 2014 (UTC)
Prologue: Lackluster Sky

Chapter 1: Unnamed »

A lackluster sky.

It is only clean, hopeful, promising on the outside, only when you look in on it. But, you finally enter it and it's all just a lie. In actuality, all promise of success is immediately stripped from you by those who already hold that power. No one, no organization can stop those power-mongers, and your tiny voice barely persuade those above to even give them a tap on the shoulder.

Same goes for your friends; they will willingly leave you if they think you don't have any power to further their interests. No one is your friend; just an ally. The word «friend» is just sugar coating, just for someone, anyone, to accept you. So then, abandonment is completely justified; your asset is no longer of any use, and your shedding that dead weight. If not for my morality, I would have left many to weep and gnash their teeth.

But, I insisted on being naive to this concept. And so, this ground on which I lay my face upon was my only friend. I turn on my back, and stare into the sky. Intermittent cloudy, just as the weather forecast had said.

Such a lackluster sky.

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