This Series, Sword Art Online: 1/world, is property of 1caiser.

Story Information
Publish September 11, 2014
Author 1caiser
Status On hiatus

Sword Art Online: 1/world, serialized as 1/world, is a planned story created and written by 1caiser, under the alias Kai Socrius. The story follows Farther, who searches for power in the now VR-immersed world of the mid-21st Century.

This story is currently on hiatus.


The story follows Frazier, the adopted son of Kai, and his search for his place in the world. Under the belief that the real world was hateful of his existence, he enters into the research VRMMORPG 1/world. However, though he finally got what he wanted, he discovered that the "game" was more nightmarish than he discovered. Newly christened as «Farther», he vies to leave the game in order to return to the real world, and start anew.


Sword Art Online: 1/world - Prologue



  • The title, 1/world, is literally read as "reciprocal of world".
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