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Surkov is Dimitri Jäger's primary sniper rifle in End War Online
Item Info
Name Surkov
Epithet Reaper's Reach
VRMMORPG End War Online
Item Type Firearm
Sub-type Semi-automatic sniper rifle


Surkov is a heavily modified PTRS-41 anti-tank rifle, customized personally by Dimitri for increased operational performance, allowing him to hit targets on the mark from miles away. The base PTRS-41 has been so heavily modified it can almost be considered an entirely different weapon altogether, boasting unrealistically high operational performance compared to even modern day sniper rifles.


  • Length: 2.13 m,  1.81 m
  • Barrel Length: Interchangeable; 1.22 m, 0.9 m
  • Weight: 22 kg approximate
  • Action: Gas-operated; vertical tilting bolt
  • Cartridge: 1.45x114mm, 12.7x108mm, .408 CheyTac
  • Effective Range: 5,000 m
  • Muzzle Velocity: 2,000 m/s approximate
  • Feed System: Variable clip integral magazine

Modifications include:

  • Modernized body frame to make the rifle lighter and able to accomodate modifications.
  • x4, x6, x12, x24, x50 variable zoom optical sight.
  • Night vision, infrared, and thermal optics.
  • Interchangeable barrel system.
  • Reworked firing mechanism and barrel to accomodate a specialized firing system that drastically increases muzzle velocity and accuracy at long ranges.
  • Modified feeding system to allow for multiple cartridge types, ranging from anti-personnel to anti-material rounds.
  • Recoil suppression system installed in the barrel, allowing the barrel itself to slide back with shots to absorb recoil.
  • Enhanced rifling to further enhance precision.
  • Specialized recoil suppression stock.
  • Enhanced muzzle brake.
  • Quadpod for flat-terrain deployment, enhanced with shock suppression system to mitigate recoil.
  • The entire rifle can be disassembled and packed into a large suitcase for transport.


  • Dimitri has once dislocated his arm while using Surkov.
  • Dimitri has also been shown to be able to single wield Surkov and still uphold his incredible accuracy at range, as demonstrated on a mission where he broke his left arm and was forced to wield Surkov using only his right.
  • Surkov came in second place in Nakuro's sniper rifle comparison, coming in just behind Valkyrie.
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