For a character with nearly identical In-Game name, See Z-ARC. For the original inspiration, see "Supreme King Z-ARC"

I, am the Supreme King Dragon, ruler of the fifth dimension!
~ Supreme King Dragon Z-ARC, declaring his title.

Supreme King Dragon Z-ARC
Supreme King Dragon Z-ARC
Boss Info
Kanji 覇王龍 ZーARC
Romanji Haōryū Zāku
Epithet *Zarc
  • The Supreme King Dragon
  • The Supreme Kig
Location TBA
Quest Supreme King's Dominance
Weapon Itself
Item Drop Itself, fused with the one who earned its respect.
Status Fused with Z-ARC

Supreme King Dragon Z-ARC is an extremely powerful Entity in Sword Art Online, whose overall power is said to rival even that of the 99th Floor Boss of Aincrad. It is currently fused with Z-ARC after he earned The Supreme King Dragon's respect from the quest "Supreme King's Dominance".

Despite the enormous power offered, the user can only initially use about 10% of its overall power, and it takes toll on the user's body and mind for each Summon. The limit of power, however, gets reduced for each level of "The Awakening".


Overall, The Supreme King Dragon is dark grey in color with dark tan sections on its wing blades and hips, and lime green lines running down its body. 

The Supreme King Dragon is an extremely powerful Field Boss. Its raw battle power is said to rival the Floor Boss of the 60th floor, excluding other powers and abilities. However, after fusing with Z-ARC, he only appears as a black-shadowed aura over Zarc, unless he is summoned with The Awakening VIII or greater. 


Most of the Supreme King Dragon's ability requires his inheritor to enter a state of mind called "The Awakening". Each abilities also requires The Awakening to reach the required stage before access is granted.

  • Immortality: [At all time] The Supreme King Dragon is immortal. But can be greatly injured, however.
  • Imperial Wrath of Supreme King (おうげきりん Haō no Gekirin): [VII] After his opponent drive the Supreme King into the corner, the Supreme King will gain massive boost in Battle power. «Zero Shift» and «Infinity Shift» will not be active at this point.
  • Supreme King's Brutality (おうれい Haō Burei): [IV] If the damage The Supreme King Dragon inflicts when he attacks is serious enough, he randomly inflict damage to an item in his opponent's inventory. If the damage is serious enough, the item will be destroyed.
  • Supreme King's Dance (おうらん Haō Ranbu): [III] The Supreme King Dragon may force his opponent into attacking him.
  • Supreme King's Prohibition (おうきんれい Haō no Kinshirei): [IV] Once, for each of the Supreme King Dragon's opponent: If they use any Crystal (SAO) or a Spell (ALO), he may negate its effect, and if it was a Crystal, the Supreme King destroys that item immediately. Any side effect that activates upon the item or the spell negated and destroyed will also became negated.
  • Supreme King's Shield (おうたて Haō no Tate): [III] (AlfHeim Online Only) The Supreme King and his inheritor may choose to became unaffected by Spell effect at any time.
  • Supreme King's Violent Spirit (おうれっ Haō Rekki): [V] Any Sword Kkill from The Supreme King Dragon's Inheritor with 4 hits or less will attack all of the user's enemy, instead.
  • Synchronization: The user's mind, while not in combat. Can sometimes connect to another user. This cause the user to acts in the same manner as the synchronized one.
  • Zero Shift (零交代ゼロ・シフト Zero Shifuto): Most of the time, The Supreme King Dragon reduces damage to itself. Rarely, the damage can be reduced to 0.
    • Infinity Shift (無限交代インフィニティー・シフト Infinitī Shifuto): Zero Shift's effect sometimes corrupts into Infinity Shift. In which The Supreme King Dragon also gets to heal by the same amount of damage it would have taken, but this does not stop the attack's other effects.

The Awakening

The Awakening is activated passively (or actively, with strong enough emotions) from the user's negative emotion, especially with anger and hatred. The Awakening is divided into "Level", with the user's eyes glows with their eyes' color. The Summon of Supreme King Dragon may not be conducted without The Awakening IV or greater, his power became stronger for each Level, and takes more toll for each level. From the Awakening IV or greater, the user will feel a headcahe after logging out. After Level VII, the pain will be more tormenting. For Level X, the user will be in comatose from the extreme pain.

  1. I: The user became concentrated on winning the battle. The eyes slightly glows. From this Level up to Level III, the Supreme King Dragon may not be summoned yet.
  2. II: The user became cold and collected, but angering inside. The user's iris and pupil glow in dim light.
  3. III: The user's anger reveals. The glow became in normal level.
  4. IV: The user's anger reveals even further. The glow became even brighter as a Black aura is emitted from the user's body. The user may now Summon the Supreme King Dragon as a black aura, with 10% Power
  5. V: The user became fully angering. The glow shine brightly, also, from this Level, the black aura is also emitted from everything the inheritor is in contact with.Summoned at 20% power possible.
    • This is the highest level of The Awakening Z-ARC has achieved in Sword Art Online.
  6. VI: The user now changes his negative emotion to one thing into everything. The entire eyes glows, but not blanked out. The shine got reset. The black aura also gets stronger. Summoned at 25% power possible.
  7. VII: The user became influenced by The Supreme King Dragon. The glows now also glows white in the center. Summoned at 30% power possible.
  8. VIII: The user starts to lose control of his desire. The glows now blank out the user's eye. The white raidiant got reset. Summoned at 40% power possible. The Supreme King Dragon may now be summoned as a real thing, not an aura.
  9. IX: The user completely loses control over his body and mind to The Supreme King Dragon. The blank glow now emits white radiant. Summoned at 50% power.
  10. X: The Supreme King Dragon descends with full power. With the user's now fused with The Supreme King Dragon, body and mind, and will not return unless the Supreme King Dragon is injured to the point of incapacitated. The user will be trapped in the game, and will instantly get disconnected as the Supreme King falls or forced disconnection form outside. After the disconnection, the user will return with 1 HP left, and the Supreme King Dragon can never be summoned again for 10 in-game days.

Sword Art Online

Suprem King Dragon Z-ARC is an extremely powerful floor boss of the quest "Supreme King's Dominance" on the 50th floor. It has been challenged by many player, in which they managed to only completed halfway through. The last challenger was Z-ARC, a man who share the Supreme King's name. Who managed to complete both round of the quest, and earned the Supreme King Dragon's respect and power. The main reason behind Zarc's victory is because, The Supreme King Dragon is not fast enough to catch up with him alone.

After gaining the power of the Supreme King, Zarc invokes The Awakening several times. The strongest time he did so is on the 72th floor at Level V, the place where he extracted his final act of revenge.

AlfHeim Online

The data of Supreme King Dragon Z-ARC did not corrupts, and remains with Zarc. To which him using it to rampage all the other race whose its member upset him.


  • This page is taken from several material regarding Zarc, the main antagonist of Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V.
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