«Supreme King's Domination» is a quest in which a player battle against Supreme King Dragon Z-ARC.

Supreme King's Dominance
Quest Info
Name Supreme King's Dominance
Kanji おうくんりん
Romanji Haō no Kunrin
VRMMORPG Sword Art Online
Objective Earn the respect of Supreme King Dragon Z-ARC
Boss Supreme King Dragon Z-ARC
Reward Became fused with the Supreme King Dragon, and gain all of his power.
Status cleared


The initiation can be conducted by the user walking into the quest area. Only one player may embark on a quest at any given time, and the quest is available at all time.

If any player managed to clear the second round of the quest, the quest will became unavailable.


A plain on the 50th floor.


Stand up and Fight against The Supreme King Dragon until he deems you worthy. "Worthy" is defined by three conditions.

  • The player survives against the Supreme King Dragon more that 10 minutes.
  • The player deals damage to the Supreme King Dragon, to the point in flinch even a little bit.
  • The player's attack hits the Supreme King Dragon's head.

If the player managed to deems himself worthy, the Supreme King Dragon will ask if they are determined enough to take the second round or not. If the player does, they will have to fight and fulfill one of those conditions, again.

Due to the extereme danger level of the quest, the player will be given one chance to come back from the death. That player will be given 10% of their HP if their HP will reach 0, and they may choose to continue the quest if they wish.


  • If the player manages to complete the first round, they will be given "Zero Shift" and "Infinity Shift".
    • The given Ability is always active, and does not interfere with an unused skill slots.
  • If the player managed to complete the second round, they will earn the Supreme King's respect, and will be fused with The Supreme King Dragon Z-ARC.
    • If any player does so, the quest will be terminated and no one can initiate it ever again.


  • Sword Art Online

Known Attempting Player

  • Chin Sen Kai (2nd round)
  • Several other player. (1st round or Deceased)


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