Superweapons are massive weapons employed by the Human Faction of End War Online for use in the End War.


The superweapons were built mainly for use in the End War against the Angels and Demons, being capable of incredibly high levels of destruction when deployed on the battlefield. They are generally used to either provide a major tactical advantage over the enemy, or are specifically meant to combat a Colossus of the Angel or Demon Factions.


Athenor - A photon railgun capable of striking targets instantaneously from anywhere in the world. Mainly meant to combat Colossi or assault a single large target.

Aumaan - A massive fortress that is built around the capital city of Alnir in Vidia, the capital of Eden.

Aurora - A network of satellite laser platforms capable of launching orbital strikes anywhere on the planet.

Cassius - A spacecraft meant for asteroid defense as well as a weapons platform.

Crucible - First superweapon created; a massive space fortress capable of worldwide dominance. Suffered a catastrophic incident resulting in the destruction of the entire station. It is abandoned in low orbit.

Daedalus - A massive air carrier capable of holding an entire army as well as employing its own defenses.

Rapture - An underwater fortress capable of launching worldwide precision strikes from the bottom of the Norantic Ocean.

Solaris - A network of satellite kinetic bombardment platforms similar to Aurora.

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