Super Hero Online
VRMMO Information
Developer WindLight
Release Date August 2, 2050
Genre Role-Playing
Usable Hardware Any

Super Hero Online is a VRMMORPG released worldwide on August 2nd, 2050.


Super Hero Online is available on every known VR technology, allowing players of all kinds to jump into action without having to buy another hardware to play the game. Super Hero Online was developed by WindLight Waves, a company which have been rising in reputation ever since the release of their first game, Masked Riders Online.



In SHO, players are to choose if they want to be a Hero or a Villain. Whichever they choose, their roles could change due to their actions (i.e. A Hero who performs bad deeds will have their status changed into "Villain".) SHO does not include the traditional Levels, HP, Skills system. However, each individual player possess different levels of power and to make up for not having skills, players are allowed to make up their own fighting techniques for their ways of combat.





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