Element Info
Romaji Hi
Classification Augmented Element
Basic Elements Fire

Sun is an augmented element and a form of Elemental Bending in Endless Utopia Online. It is an enhanced form of Fire.



Since Sun is an augmented form of Fire, it is a prerequisite to have learned and have a decent control over the Prime Element.

To create Sun, the user needs to increase the temperature of Fire to incredible levels, creating plasma (ionized gas). If the plasma is stable, it will be easier for the player to use Sun, but if the plasma is unstable, it will be easier for the player to use Lightning. With time and practice, the player will be able to generate and control Sun.

Sun is an incredibly powerful element. It allows the user to create golden flames with incredible temperatures, which are unreachable by regular Fire. Similarly to Lightning, it requires tranquility of mind and focus to control, especially when the player is in the first stages of learning, otherwise the User will not be able to create the flames. Sun demands the player to have big reserves of Aera and to have great control of said energy. If the player learns to properly control it, it can easily be deadly for an opponent if used precisely.

Though it is probably the hottest of the nineteen elements, Sun generated by players can never reach the same temperatures as the Sun itself. Users of Sun are able to control solar energy, rather than gravity, radiation, magnetism, nuclear energies or other capabilities that the Sun possesses.

As an augmented form of Fire, it shares some of it's strengths and weaknesses.


  • Sun: under the influence of the heat of the Sun, the power of a Sun-User increases notably, as if the user was a solar panel. This energy boost reaches it's maximum when the Sun is on it's zenith.


  • Nights: the power of the Fire-user is notably weaker during Nights.
  • Precipitations: during rains or snow storms, the creation of Sun is notably hindered because the sun is covered.
  • Solar Eclipse: during a solar eclipse, a fire-user loses his powers.



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