Weapon Info
Kanji 闘争
Romaji Tōsō
VRMMORPG Hazard ReBurst
Weapon Type Firearm: Volc-Star Compact handgun
Obtained/Made By Custom-made

Strife is one of Mashiro Ekibyou's primary sidearms in Hazard ReBurst.


Like Order & Chaos, Strife is built from the Volc-Star Compact handgun, a Valvrave-exclusive weapon that fires crystallized Rave Energy as ammunition. The weapon itself is a large handgun akin to a Desert Eagle in size. Instead of using traditional firearm magazines, they use a coolant cartridge that prevents the weapon from overheating; the coolant goes where the magazine would normally go. Strife is unique in that it's a double-barreled variant with an extended coolant cartridge, a handguard on the grip, and modified internals to allow it to rapid-fire from both barrels. The trigger is designed to fire from the top barrel first if pulled partially, then from the bottom barrel once fully squeezed. Strife carries 50 shots in total before its coolant cartridge needs to be replaced. Its projectiles are significantly weaker than its counterpart Conquest, but the rapid fire is plenty of compensation. Strife can also be reconfigured on the fly to fire elementally-infused rounds if needed, swapping between high-explosive incendiary rounds, lethal or non-lethal shock rounds, or cryostasis rounds that will flash-freeze the water vapor in the air around it upon contact.


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