Element Info
Romaji Iwa
Classification Augmented Element
Basic Elements Earth

Stone, occasionally referred to as Rock, is an augmented element and a form of Elemental Bending in Endless Utopia Online. It is an enhanced form of Earth.



Since Stone is an augmented form of Earth, it is a prerequisite to have learned and to have a decent control over the Prime Element.

Stone enables the user to bend minerals, rocks, and stone. The only exception being metallic minerals, which is a category reserved for the element Metal. Due to its rather close relationship with Earth, Stone is arguably the easiest to learn of all the augmented elements.

To control Stone, one first needs to focus on the particles of earth existing within rocks. Once a player is able to freely move a small rock (1 kg at least), they are ready to start creating rocks. To create stone, it is necessary to join together large quantities of earth together. With time and practice, the player can be able to create and/or control large stones.

The power of Stone comes from its hardness, measured by the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. To be strong enough for combat, the absolute hardness needs to be at the very least 50, the hardness of Apatite. However, a lower hardness could be enough for defensive techniques. With time and practice, the user can reach higher levels, such as 100 (Quartz), 200 (Topaz), 400 (Corundum) and 1500 (Diamond). Diamond is the strongest type of rock possible to make, extremely hard due to its composition. Though stone-users are fairly common in EUO, players who reach the diamond level of hardness are rare. Players who also learn how to use Metal are able to transform rocks into metal and metal into stones.

Rock can be combined with Fire to create Magma, being the only Non-Prime Elements which can be combined with a Prime Element to create a combined Element.

Being an augmented for of Earth, it shares some strengths and weaknesses with it.


  • Fault Lines: fault line energies strengthen this element.
  • Hardness: being the hardest of all elements, Stone has amazing defensive capabilities. When used for an attack, it can deal incredible damage as well, only surpassed by a few elements.
  • Resistance to fire: stone can, to an extent, endure fire. Extreme heat, however, can melt it.


  • Reliance on earth/stones: since stone-users require an external source to use earth and/or stone, they can be left powerless if they do not have any nearby, like for instance, in the sea.
  • Extreme Heat: extreme heat can melt rock. For this, it'd be necessary a master user of fire or an expert in it's augmented/combined forms. This disadvantage can be bypassed if the user knows how to bend Magma.
  • Vast sources of water: rock sinks in water, and it can also corrode it.


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