Stardust Ryusei Ken
Sword Skill Info
Kanji スターダスト・流星拳
Romaji Sutādasuto Ryūsei Ken
VRMMORPG New ALfheim Online
Weapon Skill Martial Arts
Color Golden

~ Galant

Stardust Ryusei Ken(literally, Stardust Meteor Fist) is a Martial Arts category [[w:c:swordartonline:Original Sword Skill|]] created by Galant.


The user with either of his fists charges energy by the wrist and then attacks. This attack has two different versions:

  • Attacking multiple fist attacks at high speed, making almost a wall of punches. Its strength depends on the speed implemented by the user.
  • A single powerful fist, charged with golden energy. If the user uses this technique while flying downwards, it literally transforms the body of the user into a meteor.



  • This attack is based on the attacks Pegasus Ryusei Ken and Lighting Plasma from the anime Saint Seiya.
  • Galant created this Original Sword Skill based on Lance's Ryu-Ken.
  • Stardust is a reference to Stardust Dragon, the ace monster of Yusei Fudo one of the characters on which Galant is based.
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