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Starburst Short Stream
Starburst Stream (LS)
Sword Skill Info
Kanji スターバースト・ショート・ストリーム
Romaji Sutābāsuto Shōto Sutorīmu
VRMMORPG ALfheim Online
Weapon Skill Genocide Avatar
Color Dark Blue
User(s) Quartz

Starburst Short Stream is an Original Sword Skill composed by Quartz. It is a carbon copy of the original Dual Blades category skill with the biggest difference being range and power.


The attacks are the same, however, Starburst Short Stream is more powerful than the original. Why? It is because Quartz has used a combination of Water, Dark, and Holy-elemental magic to amplify damage. Second, Quartz has to move in closer to deal damage. Ideally, Quartz is the only one who can use this skill to its max effectiveness because of his small size and lightning-fast agility.


Instance Description
Light Novel Anime Manga
Volume XI, Chapter X, Part II N/A N/A Quartz first composes the OSS, showing it to Yuurei.
Volume XIII, Chapter I, Part I N/A N/A Quartz uses this skill in her duel with Yuuki at that time known as Zekken, the Absolute Blade.


  • Yuurei suggested the skill name Starburst Short Stream due to the different lengths of the swords used in the execution of the sword skill.
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