Iron Fist
Item Info
Name Star and Dust
Kanji スター アンド ダスト
Romaji Sutā ando dasuto
Epithet Iron Fist
VRMMORPG End War Online
Item Type Weapon
Sub-type Knuckle Chainsaws
Status Used by Dwight

Come on! Let's dance, boy!
~ Dwight

Star and Dust are twin Knuckle Dusters owned and used by Dwight Duncan. They serve as his primary hand-to-hand combat weapon in End War Online.


They are pitch black knuckle dusters, designed to feat on each of the user's fingers. They have a small plastic handle to not harm the user's hand while he is using this weapon. Still, the distinctive characteristic of them is the fact that they are chainsaws made of the hardest metal found in the game. This makes every single fist of Dwight potentially deadly if he strikes.

Known Users


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