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The StarGear is a virtual reality headset developed by Nightscape. It is the first of the 7th generation of FullDive technology, released alongside Red Sky Online on July 21st, 2026.


The StarGear takes the appearance of a visor that fits around the head of the user. Its design is somewhat similar to the AmuSphere 2nd generation FullDive console, only bearing a darker appearance with a clear black screen over the eyes.


Similar to most other FullDive systems, the StarGear is best used in a comfortable position, such as lying on a bed. The system is activated by user command through thought. After the link is initiated the player's body and brain is put into sleep mode and a copy of their consciousness is transferred to the game servers. The logout process wakes the player up.


The StarGear utilizes a new form of FullDive technology that takes advantage of sleep cycles and places the player's consciousness into a state of Lucid Dreaming. It transport's a copy of the user's entire consciousness into the game servers that is linked to the original. This consciousness template is used as a means of channeling will power from the brain into the game. Since it's main function involves lucid dreaming a player is genuinely asleep and can play the game while sleeping. The StarGear has extra safeguards in place to keep the player's consciousness and other vital information safe and intact until logout.

It is based on the Soul Translator technology of the 4th Generation series of dive gear. However advancements in nanotechnology and biotechnology has allowed for miniaturization and efficiency to be maximized without the need for quantum computing or artificial intelligence. It however has received criticism because of the tiny possibility someone with the right expertise and equipment could hack into the system and possibly kill someone in real life through the game. Because the copy is directly linked to the person's consciousness and is safeguarded by the system it is theoretically possible to kill someone in the game in a way that could short circuit the brain and cause serious injury via the placebo effect possibly killing the player's real life body in the process.

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