Stalk (Weapon Set)
Weapon Info
Kanji スターク
Romaji Sutāku
VRMMORPG End War Online
Weapon Type Sub-machine Gun and Blade sidearm Weapon Set
Soul Catalyst (Faust Personal variant)
Obtained/Made By Player-made

The Stalk weapon set is the other of two weapon sets used by Ryuga Gentoku in End War Online. The Sub-machine gun and pseudo-knife can combine to create a full rifle with access three additional types of ammunition. A mass production variant exists within Ryuga's organization, supplied to each individual if they do not wish to use the Rogue weapon set.


The Stalk SMG is a ST Kinetics CPW chambered in 9x19mm ammo, featuring automatic, semi-auto and burst-fire options. The gun itself has a threaded barrel, Tritium Di-optic folding sights, and a stock attachment point instead of the built-in extending stock. Like its counterpart, the weapon features a muzzle brake/barrel shroud with an integrated knife bayonet, which can be wielded separately when combined with the custom-design stock. Stalk is optimized for 9x19mm rounds, often equipped with high-voltage discharge ammunition, a jacketed armor-piercing round, and an anti-angel round. All Stalk sets are equipped with 30-round magazines unless otherwise stated. Various variations on the Stalk set exist, and are as follows:

Proto Stalk Model

This version is owned by Himuro Katsuragi, who created the weapon. He kept the prototype in his weapons storage vault and refurbished it for combat use. It featured a redesigned frame closer to that of an assault or sniper rifle, exposed components covered by clear polymer components, and a hazard-striped design throughout the body.

Faust Personal Model

Ryuga Gentoku's personal model features a blood-red color scheme featuring dark silver overlays, and white and blue thin lines resembling wires running throughout the weapon's body. In addition, it features an extended magazine holding 33 rounds, a flared mag-well for easier reloading, a Soul Catalyst frame, and a variable-zoom scope on the top rail.

Disaster Dual Model

Kasumi Takigawa uses two Stalk sets resembling the prototype version. Its body is closer to a sniper rifle; its muzzle brakes double as suppressors, and the full-auto firing rate on both have been disabled to increase the performance of the semi-auto and burst-fire. In addition, one of the Stalk units is loaded with the same ammo types as the Rogue weapon set, granting it access to an incendiary, cryogenic, and anti-demon rounds. Both Disaster Dual Models use a high-magnification scope with the same cosmetic customizations as the Faust Personal Model.

Mass Production Model

This model is a simplified version using a standard issue holographic sight and a simplified color scheme. It's colored blood red with dark silver overlays and whitish-blue wire designs running from the barrel to the stock attachment point. Stalk is better optimized as a rifle, while the Rogue set is better suited as a paired weapon set. The Mass Production model also lacks full auto, leaving it with semi-auto and 3-round burst-fire.


  • Rogue and Stalk are both based off the Transteam Gun, Steam Blade, and Steam Rifle weapons from Kamen Rider Build.
  • The katakana for Stalk (スターク) is normally translated to "Stark" instead of "Stalk."
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