Springfield XDL Mk. V
Item Info
Name Springfield XDL Mk. V
Kanji スプリンフィルド エクスヂエル マーク ファイヴ
Romaji supurinfirudo ekusudieru maaku faivu
VRMMORPG Evoked Legends Online
Item Type Weapon
Sub-type Firearm

The Springfield XDL Mk. V pistol is a firearm dual-wielded by Tenshi in Evoked Legends Online


The pistol is a combination of technology and magecraft, using ancient magic to accelerate and enhance the existing potential of modern science. The original blueprint for the XDL was based from the HS2000 or Springfield XD pistol, and then modified and tested four previous times before the Mk. V was created. The gun was enhanced so that it can fire bullets on a hair trigger or fire in full-auto mode. The bullet chamber was also changed with the help of alchemy and magic, so the barrel can fire different kinds of bullets, no matter the material, as long as each bullet is made with matter in the solid state. The gun clip is where the magic aspect of the gun is found. There are no actual bullets in the clip. Instead, the clip materializes bullets from arcane energy and changes their atomic structure depending on the user's preference. This is to increase versatility when fighting against different kinds of players or creatures that are resistant to normal lead or tungsten bullets, however each clip can only have the magic code for 4 kinds of bullets. If absolutely required, the gun would be able to accept actual bullets from inside the clip and would work like a normal pistol.

Tenshi's variants are colored black and silver, as each of the guns are set to fire different kinds of bullets. Her black variant is optimized to fire pointed wood bullets, hollow-point cadmium bullets, special soul-wounding bullets, and destructive demonic-type bullets. The silver variant is designed to fire armor-piercing silver bullets, very small adrenaline injectors, incendiary rounds, and powerful angelic-type bullets. Both of these guns have been upgraded to have twice the bullet velocity of a normal XDL, and the clips have accelerated processors to change bullet types more frequently without error.

SAOF Arena Stats

Springfield XDL Mk. V
User/Owner Tenshi
Weapon Type Firearm
Attack 85
Defense 0
Magic 10
Magic Defense 0
Agility 0
Luck 40
Max HP 0
Max MP 0
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