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Spirit Cry Online (Series)
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Story Information
Publish Unknown
Author FateDoctrine
Cover Character(s) Unknown
Status In Progress

 Spirit Cry Online is an ongoing fan-fiction written by FateDoctrine


Spirits' Cry (First Arc, SCO)

In the year 2050, Honoka Mayuzumi (the main protagonist) is a 15 year old kid who just bought the latest game Spirit Cry Online. Converting his avatar from a previous VRMMO, Honoka enters the game and it is everything he hoped for. But shortly after its release, an ominous virus that takes the form of in-game monsters with unknown stats and various glitches attacks the game, not only murdering the players in-game, but somehow murdering their real life counterparts as well.

There is no way to exit the game. They cannot log out, and the new technology, the Neuro Chip is attached to their spinal cord so there is no way to take the players out. The player can die and respawn due to other monsters that were naturally in game, but those who encounter and die to the virus will remain dead. While in the real world, the government and business that made the Neuro Chip as well as the company that made Spirit Cry Online tries to figure a way out to save the players, Honoka in the game must battle these viruses and avoid death at any cost.

List of Characters

Honoka Mayuzumi

Opening Song

Mami Kawada - Going Back To Square One

Mami Kawada - Going Back To Square One

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