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Spirit Cry Online (Game)
Spirit Cry Online Logo
VRMMO Information
Developer SpiritTech Inc.
Release Date January 22, 2050
Genre Action, Fantasy
Usable Hardware Neuro Chip

 Spirit Cry Online is the first VRMMO that came out for the Neuro Chip, produced by SpiritTech Inc. The game starts off characters in the futuristic metropolis of Freygate.

The World

Spirit Cry Online is a fighting adventure game that takes aspects of fantasy, futuristic and modern day into one huge open world called Zealea. The time of Zealea and the time of the real world are exactly the same for everyone, as Zealea is a planet the exact same size of earth with the exact same rotation and orbit. So players all over the world will experience their specific time of day.

Weather conditions are random and function much like the real world, and these situations can affect battles such as PvP or players that face monsters and bosses. Battle Damage is also apparent in the game. Wear and tear are visible on clothing that have been used in battle for a long time, though it is possible to renew it. Cuts, bruises and blood are all very real in the game, and it brings a new sense of urgency and realism that hasn't been in a VRMMO before with the addition of pain as well. The environment is is also destructible. Realistically so.

Players also feel fatigue and can experience natural afflictions such as the flu, common colds, etc. Players can feel hungry (even when they are not in the real world) but they have no need to defecate or use the bathroom at any time. Censors are to a minimum, allowing curses and other derogatory slurs. Players can also partake in sexual intercourse, but it is limited to those of the age 15 and over and MUST be consensual. The Neuro Chip keeps track of the person's real age and information so it will immediately pick up on underage sex and/or rape and immediately block the player from the server. It will also notify the authority and can lead to time in prison.


Character Creation

There are a number of things players can do.

  1. Create their avatar from scratch
  2. Convert their avatar from a previous VRMMO, as long as it's memory is stored on the Neuro Chip.
  3. Have the Neuro Chip scan their face and entire body and modify it from there.


  • Warrior (わっりおr)The Warrior Class are the best fighters when it comes to hand to hand combat and can handle weapons great as well. They are the all around fighters, but they do not have a lot of mana. Their speed, strength and endurance are what make them so formidable, depsite not having a lot of mana.
  • Mage (ま上げ)The Mage Class are the best magicians and have the greatest amount of mana available to them. Though they are not the greatest close range fighters, they can use their mana to enhance the power of their strikes to compensate for it.
  • Thief (ティ絵f)The Thief Class are the stealthiest of the game. They can mask their mana's presence the greatest, calm their breathing and attack quickly and quietly. They also know a lot of illusionary and sleeping magic. Whatever they need to be as stealthy as they can be, they have it.
  • Cleric (へあぇr)The Cleric Class are the healers and supporting fighters. It is the least used class, but arguably the most effective. The Cleric class can restore HP, negate status afflictions such as paralysis, bleeding, even sickness. They can also provide back up and follow up attacks that can lead to high combos that end the battle quickly.

Visual Interface

The Health Bar and other various bars that would normally be in view for the players are not there. The players visuals will be like how it normally is in the real world. Instead, players can now feel the sensation in their body that their health is dropping and will receive warning from their body that it's wise to retreat. This system acts the way that the human nervous system would act, sending messages to the brain when things get dangerous. For all body and health afflictions such as paralysis, nausea, drowsiness etc. The body will naturally feel these things, so no icon will appear before them telling them that they are this or that.

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