Space Alter
Soulcraft Info
Kanji スペースアルター
Romaji Supēsuarutā
Level Extreme
Race All
Attribute None

Space Alter is a high level soulcraft in End War Online.


Space Alter is an extremely powerful soulcraft and is classified as one of the most powerful types of soulcraft in existence. It allows for the manipulation of space, allowing one to transport themselves or objects across space to another location anywhere within Creation.

Due to the immense Anima cost of the spell, it is near impossible for anything to perform it, outside the most powerful beings, such as Nephilim, or the highest level Demons or Angels. Space Alter, in a nutshell, facilitates teleportation between one location to another. In more technical terms, it bends space-time around oneself or around an object and transfers it across the fabric of Creation to any other location, whether it be on Eden, Heaven, Hell, or Limbo. This allows for instantaneous travel between any two points across all planes of existence within Creation. Void cannot be entered utilizing Space Alter, as the scope of the technique only applies to Creation.


Space Alter

The natural technique of transporting oneself or objects between one point in Creation to any other point in Creation. This process is incredibly taxing and is impossible for most normal beings. Nephilim themselves are the only ones capable of mastering the art, though even with their powerful Souls, it is exhausting and will most likely drain a large amount of their Anima in the transition. Space Alter was responsible for the creation of Void, when The Four Lords used a special version of the technique to leave Creation altogether, though in this sense it is unable to be properly classified as Space Alter.

Shift Space Alter

The most common form of Space Alter, which allows one to pass between Eden and Heavenside or Hellside Purgatory. This is a less demanding form of Space Alter which can be achieved through the use of Human technology. Though with single individuals it still takes a good amount of Anima to make the transition, it is much less taxing as location does not change, instead shifting between alternate realities within Creation.

Void Space Alter

This form of Space Alter uses Void as a medium to pass through worlds or locations. As Void exists everywhere and nowhere at once, it can be used to transfer between locations relatively easily for an experienced Void user, and can become second nature for a Void Avatar.

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