Soulcraft is the art of Anima manipulation to perform feats of magic.


The art of Soulcraft has existed since the time of the Four Lords, as the Four Lords used the powerful Anima of their Lord Souls to contruct the world and create Angels, Demons, and Humans. Angels and Demons have a naturally born affinity for Soulcraft and therefore were practitioners of the art long before Humans first discovered and harnessed the power of their own Souls. Eventually, even Humans reached a level of Soulcraft powerful enough to rival Angels and Demons, and the advent of technology also increased the rate at which Soulcraft for Humans was developed.

At this day and age, Soulcraft and technology are generally considered equal in both power and potential.


Soulcraft is the manipulation of Anima, the energy of the Soul, to perform feats of magic. All sentient beings are able to perform Soulcraft, and the variety of such arts are limitless, being able to assist in everything from everyday chores to combat. Although ones abilities with Soulcraft will vary depending on their Soul type, the fundamental laws governing Soulcraft remain the same regardless with the exception of the Void Soul.

Known Soulcraft

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