Soul Vision is a Soulcraft in End War Online.


Soul Vision is a Soulcraft that allows a player to alter their view of the world. It takes away normal sight, but allows a player to percieve the world around them in new ways. This allows a player to detect the energies of their surroundings, allowing them to detect other beings much easier, but sacrificing the ability to see things in detail. This also allows a player to detect the Souls of others, being able to differentiate between Angels, Demons, Humans, and Hybrids by the colors of their auras.

Constant use of Soul Vision drains on whoever is using it, taking a good amount of Anima to sustain over long periods. Higher level Angels, Demons, Hybrids, and Humans can use the ability for longer durations. There is, however, a special Soul Catalyst blindfold which allows the use of Soul Vision for lower leveled players, as well as extending the length of effect for higher level players with less repurcussions.

According to Jack Callahan, Nephilim cannot be seen with Soul Vision due to the sheer power of their Souls being beyond recognition by sight alone.

Soul Attribute


Blessed Vision is the Light variant of Soul Vision. The world will become white, with grey shadows and blurred graphics. But this way, the user can see the souls of all the people around him. Angels are yellow, humans are blue, and Demons are red. Angel hybrids would be green, and Demon hybrids would have a purple color. 


Cursed Vision is the Dark variant of Soul Vision. The world around you will be a light contrast of black and grey, blurry shadows, making it harder to see in detail. But, in this state the Demon can see the energies of the world around him. Angels and the Light's energies are lighted up with a yellow colour, while humans are lighted up with a blue glow, and lastly Demons and Darkness are shown with dark purple or black.


Neutral attributed Soul Vision sees the world take on a dark blue and gray coloration. It can be used to see entities through most kinds of materials, and can make out the energies of these entities by their coloration with this vision. Angels show up as blue, Demons show up as red, and Humans are violet, with Hybrids appearing gray. Details of the surrounding area are kept as far as the eye can see, but the entity coloration effect is restricted to a certain range, making it unsuited for picking out targets at long range.

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