Nightmare Soul
Soul Gem 2

Nightmare Soul in its base state; Soul Gem
Boss Info
Name Nightmare Soul
Kanji 悪夢の魂
Romanji Akumu no tamashī
Epithet The Rare stone

The Soul Gem
The Rarest Treasure

VRMMORPG Sword Art Online
Location Floor 50 Hidden Dungeon
Quest Unknown
Weapon One-Handed Sword
Item Drop «Soul Gem : Dormant»
Status Defeated

Soul Gem is a secret boss hidden in a secret area underneath floor 50. The boss' true name is Nightmare Soul


In its base state, Nightmare Soul takes on the form of a small red gem. When in possession of a player, the Nightmare Soul usually takes the form of a behemoth in purple armor with a single red horn on its helmet. Over time it begins to "evole" into three different, but similar, forms. The only exception to these similarities is when it possess Minato, where it turns pale white with long brown hair and a split face and six wings.


The Nightmare Soul exists solely on accident. While present in the beta and early alpha, the boss was meant to be deleted along with the secret dungeon. However, its coding was never truly deleted and manifested itself as glitch in the game.


Sword Art Online

The Nightmare Soul and its domain only appeared when players first reached the 50th floor. Since then, players who enjoyed exploring or surveying the floors for public reference have often discovered the secret dungeon on accident. The players would venture further into the secret area and would then encounter the «Soul Gem». Upon discovery, when players tried to collect the item, it would consume them and add their HP and Stats to its own. Two members of Laughing Coffin encountered the dungeon, and only one managed to barely make it out alive. The survivor began to spread false rumors about a rare gem somewhere on the 50th floor worth 1,000,000,000 Col. Many players have tried to find it. Some were either consumed by the boss, others never found it at all.

The false rumor eventually caught the attention of the Raven's Gate guild, whom searched for days trying to find the secret area. After finding the secret corridor that leads to the boss' domain, the «Dead Zone», the guild members begin searching for the item throughout the vast expanse of the terrain until they reach the center. There they discover the «Soul Gem», and a terrible tragedy befalls them.


Item Drops

«Soul Gem : Dormant»

Known Challengers

The Raven's Gate guild


LC member
10 members of Raven's Gate