Soul Force is a high level Soulcraft in End War Online.


Soul Force is a Soulcraft that allows a user to directly manipulate their Anima and convert it into a powerful repulsive force. This allows the user to easily push all kinds of matter or some other Soulcrafts away from them. Depending on the amount of Anima put into the technique, the user can easily shatter wood, bones, and metal. If used as a defensive measure, all attacks directed at the user will be deflected, no matter the size, power, or mass. Soul Force can be used at range, but is much more effective if physical contact is made on a target, maximizing damage done. To this end, Soul Force can be used to supplement close range attacks.

An exception to this close ranged rule is Lord Knight Falken, who perfected the technique, allowing him to easily utilize the ability at range to cause extreme damage to anything he points his hand at. He was also able to imbue the ability into his weapons, adding incredible force to his strikes, and also assisting himself in traversal and maneuvering, using it to incorporate great acrobatics into his fighting style.

Known Users

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