Soul Amulet
Item Info
Name Soul Amulet
Kanji ソウル アムレト
Romaji Souru Amureto
VRMMORPG Sword Art Online
Location Unknown
Status Unknown

Soul Amulet is an item in Sword Art Online. It is one of the few ways, if not the only way, to contain Skeith outside the wielder's body.


The Soul Amulet takes the appearance of a small black metal frame lantern with four glass facets attatched to a black chain. It normally glows in a faint white light, but when containing Skeith it glows in a violent blood red.


It was created by the Chronicler for the purpose of containing Skeith for unknown reasons.

Under unknown circumstances, the Soul Amulet was lost to The Chronicler in Snowpeak Ruins, and was later retrieved by Ishi and Asuka in exchange for information on Skeith. Afterwards, Hao at some point stole it from him, knowing what it was made for, and The Chronicler was then forced by Hao to work for him.

Known Users

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