The Solid Energy Blade is a weapon type in End War Online.


The Solid Energy Blade, or SEB, is a new high tech weapon type developed by the Human faction of End War Online. It is a blade made of pure solidified energy, as the name suggests. The weapon consists of a handle that houses the blade, which itself is formed in the sheath of the weapon, sidestepping the previous issue of being unable to form the blade with the handle on its own. The blade itself is pure solidified electrical energy, formed into a razor's edge by a powerful electromagnetic field produced by the handle and up the blade. The weapon is incredibly powerful, with the blade storing about as much energy as a lightning bolt, giving it nearly limitless cutting power and being nigh indestructible. The weapon is also very efficient for how much power it produces, giving off little heat and only a moderate amount of light, releasing most of its energy through its strikes alone. This weapon type exhibits the best features of both High Frequency Blades and Plasma Blades, featuring the extreme cutting power and durability of a High Frequency Blade, while also being portable and weightless like a Plasma Blade.

There is only one single Solid Energy Blade in the entirety of End War Online, which is the SEB katana, Armature.

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