This superweapon, Solaris, is property of Ishimura_Elite.

Technical Information
Function Orbital Kinetic Bombardment
Range Worldwide
Energy Solar
Historical Information
Construction October, 2045
Operator Marath, Avalon-2
Deployment None

Solaris is a superweapon created by the Human Faction of End War Online.


Solaris is a large satellite kinetic bombardment weapon network orbiting Eden. It consists of eight weapons platforms capable of delivering powerful kinetic bombardments to a target. The counterpart to Aurora, Solaris is meant for much more ground damage to cause destruction on a higher scale at the cost of control and accuracy on a target. Solaris is capable of much more widespread destruction, but has less capability on a single target as a result, though still causing massive damage to anything it hits. Each Solaris satellite is numbered from Solaris-01 to Solaris-08. There were originally meant to be twelve satellites like Aurora, but for unknown reasons production stopped at eight.

The entire Solaris network is operated from Avalon-2, and can be additionally operated from Avalon-1 should Avalon-2 be destroyed or otherwise rendered inoperable.

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