Report 01

Sometime in February 2024....

This player, Snow, is very peculier, Kayaba. He bears close resemblance to Chris, one of our head admins and programmers for Sword Art Online. He doesn't have a player ID number, either, marking my suspicions.

But, for your report, it seems like his fighting style is extremely reckless, though he always comes back alive from his fights, proving to be dangerous. He seems to enjoy the fighting, and it's as if his personality completely changed from calm and subtle, to a psychopath.

Although that is the case, he hasn't PKed anyone as of this now.

Lately, he's been instigating fights with Player Killers, especially from the red guild, Laughing Coffin. I remember hearing rumors of him in a fight with the Blade Master in the past. His motivation for violence is unknown.

And finally, not long ago, he's taken in a very young girl and has been emotionally touched by her. This may be a weakness and flaw of a near-perfect soldier.

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