Which limb do you want me to rip off first? EHTHTHTH!
~ Snow




Personal Info
Name Chris
Kanji クリス
Romanji Kurisu
Birthday February 16
Age 17
Gender Male
Height 5'7 inches

172 centimeters

Weight 140 lbs
Eyes Red
Hair Brown Mohawk
Unusual Features Red eyes
Occupation Programmer
Family Luna (In-game wife)

Claire (In-game daughter)

Player Profile
Display Name Snow
Kanji スノー
Romanji Sunou
Epithet The Winter Fox
VRMMORPGs Played Sword Art Online


Occupation Snow Bells(SAO)
Partner Claire
Status Alive
Primary Skill One-Handed Sword


Unique Skill Blur
Unique Weapon Noir(One-Handed Sword)

Providence(Chain Whip)

This Player, Snow, is Property of Fate.
This Page contains Spoilers.

Snow is the main protagonist of Sword Art Online: Snow and Bells.  He is a member of the «Snow Bells». Snow, his name, was developed from the amount of white clothing he wears.


Sword Art Online Avatar

Snow's physical appearance, like all other players, did not differ from reality. In public, he is seen with a scowl or an insane smile, however, this is not the case among friends, where he seems giddy. His hair has a brown shade in-game, but in reality, it's a dark black. The hair is shaped into a mohawk, but due to his hair being shoulder-length, part of his hair droops over his right eye and his tail is split around his neck to rest on his shoulders. His body build is muscular, but only slightly. His skin color is a light tan.

  • SAO Outfit

Wears a custom coat, the Arctic Lion Coat, over a simple, white v-neck, fingerless gloves, gray pants, a belt, and boots. He hangs his sword, Noir, at the right side of his waist and Providence, his chain whip, on his left.

Kingdom Avatar

Snow took on the animal mix of a fox and a porcupine.

His avatar is a large, muscular fox with quills of a porcupine. Under the fox's eyes are tribal tattoos similar to a crucifix and the quills are in place of the fox's fur except under his abdomen, tail, head, and on the inner part of his legs. As a part of his avatar, he wears a chest-plate decorated with his custom crucifix and a scarf, which glitches through his quills, not getting in the way.





Full Armor Kingdom/SAO Avatar

Kingdom/SAO Avatar combination

In an upcoming crossover, Snow must update his Kingdom avatar to repel an enemy. He breaks out his old SAO avatar and merges it with his Kingdom avatar. 

The Kingdom avatar now has a human appearance, much like his SAO avatar. He still wears the armour in Kingdom, although now white. Snow's fur coat has become a cape. The fur of his coat, previously gray, is now a bright silver.

He no longer uses Providence, but he still uses Noir. Noir's appearance has become a quick, light weapon, to a large, heavy damaging sword.


His public stereotype is that he is a insane, merciless player that goes after anything he pleases, whenever he pleases. Due to this, most people tend to avoid him. However, around people he is comfortable around, he is a "overly sociable and naughty player with a lazy attitude". Whenever it comes to sexual intercourse, he is shy, especially when he is not the dominant side.

Not much is known about his weaknesses, however, it is noted that he has a phobia for being unable to breath.

Snow also has an alternate personality, which is insane and reckless. He would laugh with his tongue sticking out and would love to scare players by leaving them near death-the closest thing to torture in this world.


Snow was originally an Admin and a programmer for Sword Art Online before the incident. One day, Snow recieves a message from Kayaba Akihiko to personally go in the game(unaware of Kayaba's plan to trap everyone in the game), and find someone with the highest reaction time and give her/him the Unique Dual Blades skill. Learning that he's been trapped in the game, he holds a grudge against Kayaba Akihiko.


Sword Art Online(SAO)

  • Level: 92
  • HP: 17664
  • Main Equipment: 
One-Handed Sword Whip Blur Cooking Sprint
510 / 1000
830 / 1000
Battle Healing Tracking Camouflage Recovery Extended Weight Limit
650 / 1000
330 / 1000
800 / 1000
Parry Acrobatics
976 / 1000
566 / 1000

One-Handed Sword Skills


  • Dark Strike(3-hit combo)
  • Corrupted Shadow(5-hit combo)
  • Day's End(10-hit combo)

Whip Skills


  • Ignorant Slash(1-hit combo)
  • Death's Blow(3-hit combo)
  • Chained Wrap(1-hit combo)
  • Providence's Will(10-hit combo)
  • Forsighted Destiny(Finisher)


  • Current Level: TBA
  • Kingdom: Bestiae Silvae
  • Animal Equipment:
    • Metal Claws 
    • Snake Venom Fangs 
Stamina Strength Vitality Agility Leg Strength
100 / 1000
218 / 1000
123 / 1000
88 / 1000
116 / 1000

Snow's Song

▶ nightcore ★ Kill Everyone

▶ nightcore ★ Kill Everyone

Art Gallery


  • Snow's battle style is similar to that of Berserker from the Fate/Zero series and Akito's Alexander from Code Geass: Akito the Exiled.
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