Sly Auctioneer
Skill Info
Kanji オークショニア
Romaji Auctioneer
VRMMORPG Sword Art Online
Category Extra skill
User(s) Will
Appears in Band of Brothers


This is an extra skill that is derived from the Auctioneer skill. It is acquired from more shifty economic dealings. This skill replaces the old Auctioneer feature to grant a new, shadier feature. The user can now scan any player, especially those potential customers, and suggest a price according to the amount of Cor on that person. These prices start off at the “above average” price category from Auctioneer. This means that the richer someone is the higher the price will rise. The poorer a person the lower the price will go. These new prices will appear in the user’s menu in columned categories: overpriced, ridiculously overpriced, and scandalous. In that way, a tricky merchant can effectively scam his customers of their money. Or a kind merchant can let poorer players off the hook. Maybe.


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