Skysender C4II
Item Info
Name Skysenders
VRMMORPG End War Online
Item Type Explosive
Sub-type Remote explosive

Skysenders are an anti-personnel and anti-vehicle explosive used in End War Online.


They are an improved version of C4 explosives. They can only be activated with a detonator, and will not detonate if shot or dropped onto a hard surface. 

There are different versions of these, used to deal with different obstacles.

  • SFH-1: These are the original Skysenders, and have a very high vertical knockback, sending surrounding players and objects flying upwards, hence its name.
  • SFH-2: Extremely dangerous, upgraded version of the SFH-1. Used on heavy vehicles. Powerful enough to destroy a tank, but very expensive.
  • LEU-1: Grenades used to set players and objects ablaze. Easily destroys ice.
  • RDA-1: Toxic grenades that dispense a highly corrosive acid onto the surface it is planted on. Used for infiltration and torture.
  • SFX: Grenades that deal exceedingly high damage to a small blast radius. Used mostly by Ridley Scordato.
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