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Skill Connect
Skill Connect
Kanji 剣技連携
Romanization Kengi Renkei
Skill Information
Games «[[w:c:swordartonline:Sword Art Online|]]»
«Spell Blade Online»
«Project Alicization»
Type Active
Category Outside System Skill (SAO and PA)
Game Mechanic (SBO)
User(s) Kirin
Monica Báthory
Novel Debut Volume 1, An Inkling of Evil, Chapter 1 Part 3

Skill Connect (剣技連携スキルコネクト, Kengi RenkeiSukiru Konekuto?) is a strange anomaly within [[w:c:swordartonline:Sword Art Online|]] that allows the user to bypass a sword skill's post-motion delay. As this is not a skill managed by the system, it is known as an Outside System Skill within both SAO (however, for a time, Skill Connect was a system-managed skill following a glitch) and Project Alicization. However, in Spell Blade Online, Skill Connect becomes a gameplay mechanic.


Normally, a sword skill inflicts upon a user a post-motion delay that freezes their movement in proportion to the damage caused when using the skill. Skill Connect changes this with Klein being the first to figure out the skill's workings in private through many trials and errors,[1] allowing him to unlock the «Soaring Slash» Unique Skill. Skill Connect takes advantage of a small window in time between the end of a skill and the beginning of the post-motion delay. By unleashing a second sword skill in succession, usually with a second weapon although using the same weapon is also viable, the user can bypass this delay and attack immediately in succession with a second sword skill. Klein had stated that you had to "feel" for the short pause between a skill's end and the delay's beginning after watching Kirin exploiting this same loophole on the 74th Floor.[1]

Following the server glitch on the 75th Floor, the system recognized Skill Connect as an actual 'skill' and proceeded to lock it to 2-step chains at most until the Element Implementation Research for the Implementation of Sword Skill Chains is completed which is located in the Administrator Area of the Hollow Area, a normally locked-off area of Aincrad that was opened because of the glitch.[2]


Instance Description
Light Novel Anime Manga
Alternative Spell Blade Online Volume 1, An Inkling of Evil, Chapter 1 Part 3 N/A N/A Kirin unknowingly uses Skill Connect to chain «Vorpal Strike» into «Vertical Square» during the first assaults on [[w:c:swordartonline:The Gleam Eyes|]], the 74th Floor Boss. Her exploitation is later explained to her by Klein.



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