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Skeith Avatar
Personal Info
Name Skeith Avatar
Kanji スケィス アバター
Romanji Sukeisu Abatā
Height 5'9"
Weight 128 lbs
Eyes Violet
Hair White
Unusual Features Black sclera
Player Profile
Status Destroyed
Unique Skill Data Drain

Skeith Avatar is the physical incarnation of Skeith.


Skeith Avatar takes on the same physical appearance of Skeith's previous host, Majora, basically "borrowing" his body for it's own use. His clothes have changed, however, wearing a full black suit with violet detailing.


Skeith Avatar is the result of Skeith completely consuming Majora, killing him and taking his body for its own use, becoming a physical and sentient incarnation of Skeith. As Skeith Avatar is in fact Skeith itself, it is able to utilize the complete power of Skeith without any limitations, making it the single most powerful being to ever exist in Aincrad.


Through assimilating Majora's previous personality and traits, Skeith Avatar has become the ultimate extreme of its previous host's dark personality, being obsessed with gaining all the power it possibly can. Skeith Avatar is determined to wipe out all of Aincrad and release itself into the real world throught he internet to take control of the world through all of it's technology, and will stop at nothing to do so. Though it exhibits the personality of its previous host, Skeith itself is not conscious or self-aware, simply imitating a previous personality instead of gaining one of its own.


As the physical manifestation of Skeith, Skeith Avatar holds the absolute power of Skeith, making it completely invincible to anyone under normal means. Skeith at this point has reached the ability to be able to release itself into the real world through the internet, and would even be unharmed by a total game shutdown should one occur. The only thing that can stand against it is it's own opposite equal, Corbenik.

In combat, Skeith Avatar displays an unfathomable level of power and ability, being able to instantly kill all players and NPCs as well as disrupt the game data, tearing down the world around it. It is also able to instantly travel from any place in the game to any other, appearing through breaks in the game, allowing him to move with extreme speed in combat.

It is capable of the ability Data Drain, which essentially tears apart all data it comes to contact with, meaning that Sword Art Online itself is vulnerable to it, along with everything and everyone in it.


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