Weapon Info
Kanji サイレン
Romaji Sairen
VRMMORPG Hazard ReBurst
Weapon Type Echelon Artifice Calibur
Obtained/Made By Custom-made

Siren is a unique dual-form weapon wielded by the Isurugi twins in Hazard ReBurst.


The Echelon Artifice Calibur, codenamed "Siren," is a large, golden circle with a grip running through its diameter. It features angular protrusions in line, creating gaps that line up exactly with the grip and at 90 degree angles in relation to the grip. An arrow pointing upwards labeled "THIS SIDE UP" in black is engraved on the hilt to designate which side goes up, with another arrow pointing outwards labeled "THIS SIDE FORWARD" engraved in black designates which side to face away from the user. The gaps formed from the protrusions allow Siren to switch between its two forms: Calibur and Blaster. In Calibur form, Siren becomes a longsword with the grip extending from the bottom of the hilt slightly as a thick Rave Energy blade made of gold energy infused with either red or white energy ignites from top of the hilt. Blaster Mode generates a rifle barrel from the front of the hilt with an accompanying stock appearing behind the hilt as the grip is rotated to a 45 degree angle. A scope will appear on top if needed.


Siren is capable of rapidly switching between its Calibur and Blaster forms as needed, with a 3 second cool-down between form changes. Its Calibur form is a powerful sword that grants extreme cutting power by compressing absurd amounts of Rave Energy into its blade construct. The durability, by default, is enough to contend with metallic sword blades or Rave Energy-reinforced sword blades easily, but can be increased at the cost of cutting power. Conversely, its cutting power can be supercharged at the cost of the blade's durability, though the blade can be easily regenerated after a 2 second cool-down.

Its Blaster form is capable of a variety of projectiles, making it a highly versatile firearm. It can fire bullet-like projectiles, Rave Energy lasers, and even low-power Rave Energy Shells similar to the Armstrong Cannon, albeit on a lower power level. Unfortunately, its projectile type is limited when a Cooling Barrel is already loaded. In order to swap ammo types, the user must be reloading the weapon. While the Cooling Barrel isn't loaded, the user can toggle between whichever projectile type they want and whatever effect the projectile has when fired. Once the Barrel is loaded, the ammo type is locked in until the Barrel is discharged after gathering the maximum amount of waste heat possible.


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