Sin Striker
Item Info
Kanji シンストライカー
Romaji Shin sutoraikā
VRMMORPG End War Online
Item Type Firearm
Sub-type Hand Cannon/Revolver

The Sin Striker is a custom-made revolver created by Himuro Katsuragi in End War Online.


The Sin Striker is a large revolver with a seven-round cylinder and top-break loading mechanism. Instead of using gunpowder or similar explosives, the Sin Striker uses Anima as its propulsion mechanism, effectively making it a portable kinetic bombardment weapon. To reload, the Katsuragi twins simply eject the cylinder and replace it with a loaded cylinder via the top-break system that ejects empty cylinders. Its ammunition is a unique hollow-point round that stores Anima inside, though each chamber is loaded with one of seven variations. Each round has an effect based on one of the seven deadly sins. They are as follows:

  • Pride Pierce - With this round, the Anima is channeled internally and externally to make a powerful armor-piercing round.
  • Greed Detonate - This bullet compress and stores the most Anima inside of it so that it creates a high-speed Anima explosive.
  • Lust Induce - This bullet can use its Anima to create an unpredictable trajectory that can be controlled and force a psychological change on an opponent which results in the afflicted feeling a powerful desire for anything.
  • Wrath Blast - A highly volatile and explosive bullet, this round can act as a more potent explosive or as a powerful incendiary round.
  • Envy Smoke - Once fired, the round takes the stored Anima and uses it to create smoke. This can be used a smoke cloud-like projectile for distractions or as a concentrated burst of smoke that can damage internally.
  • Gluttony Inflict - This projectile results in the target being inflicted with an overwhelming hunger that temporarily disables them. It can be countered by using Anima to overwrite its effects.
  • Sloth Storm - The Anima is manipulated into fracturing the bullet into smaller projectiles, essentially becoming a storm of bullets.

The projectiles are capable of being used with Anima Infusion, which results in them acting like standard hollow-point bullets. Due to the Sin Striker using Anima as a propulsion mechanism, it is near silent save for a low-pitched hum from charging; this propulsion mechanism can be overclocked, allowing the Sin Striker to be used as an Archaic Anima Weapon to an extent by generating and firing pure Anima projectiles.

Himuro's version of the Sin Striker is a single-barreled revolver with the barrel at the six o'clock position, outfitted with an internal laser sight and secondary Anima cartridge. This secondary cartridge allows Himuro to fire an explosive capsule of pure Anima as a back-up shot should the need arise. His variant also comes with custom fiber-optic combat sights and a series of engravings that help to channel Anima through the weapon. Himuro prefers to randomly select one of the Sin Striker's projectiles to use and work from there. It's a constant game of Russian Roulette to him.

Unlike his brother, Washio's is a double-barreled variant in an over-under style, where there is a barrel at the twelve o'clock and six o'clock positions. He also has an eight-round cylinder loaded with the Sloth Storm, Wrath Blast, Greed Detonate, and Pride Pierce rounds loaded in pairs, allowing him to fire a pair of each bullet near-simultaneously. Washio told his brother the reasoning behind the double barrels is because one bullet is meant to break through the outer layers of armor while the second bullet penetrates further, either hitting the target directly or bursting through the inner armor layers.


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