Sin Squadron
Guild Info
Name Sin Squadron
Kanji 罪隊
Romanji Tsumi-tai
VRMMORPGs Evoked Legends Online
Members Acedia
Main Focus Experimental Government-controlled Task-force
Status Active

A group of seven female players in Evoked Legends Online were gathered to create this team. Created by the creators of ELO and funded by the government, this squadron consists of a group of girls who each represent one of the seven deadly sins. Due to the nature of this group, local police forces in reality have the biggest say in where they can operate and how much authority they exhibit over their operating area. In a way, the squadron is similar to the Secret Police. Unlike the latter, the Sin Squadron is also more publicly known and operate with slightly less authority and on lower-tier threats. After a local watchman in ELO spotted Kurenai in action against the Damasu-kai Yakuza, the Sin Squadron was assigned to work under Kurenai's direction due to his experience in dismantling the Yakuza's operations.


As previously mentioned, the Sin Squadron consists of seven female players in ELO. Each member is assigned a specific role, and all members have to work together in order for the squad to be successful. While they lack a traditional uniform, all the members wear a skin-tight bodysuit worn underneath any other customization each individual member would like to make; this is the closest thing to a uniform that the team has. Kurenai being placed in charge brings many new ways of successfully completing missions. Here is a list of the members of the Squadron.

  • Superbia: Naoko Inoue, represents Pride
  • Avaritia: Mitsuru Nakashima, represents Greed
  • Luxuria: Touka Ichinose, represents Lust
  • Ira: Hitomi Kimura, represents Wrath
  • Invidia: Kiriko Yukimura, represents Envy
  • Gula: Yoko Sasaki, represents Gluttony
  • Acedia: Koneko Natsumi, represents Sloth
  • Kurenai: Ichiro Kagari; Newly-appointed captain


  • This list of the girls' bust ranking is here just for me to refer to for future reference.
    • Acedia has the biggest bust.
    • Gula has the second biggest bust.
    • Luxuria has the third biggest bust.
    • Ira is in between large and small with her bust size.
    • Superbia has the third smallest chest.
    • Invidia has the second smallest chest.
    • Avaritia has the overall flattest chest.
  • The codenames for the Sin Squadron are in Latin, except for Kurenai's alias being Japanese.
  • The government acquired the plans for a specific type of ammunition from an anti-hero with a red hood. Said anti-hero stated that this titanium composite hollow point bullets with a C4 kicker is the "Fastest, most explosive ammo in the world." The Sin Squadron makes use of this ammo, specifically with Ira, the sniper; Gula, the sniper's spotter; and Acedia, a vanguard agent.
  • When he was first assigned to lead the team, he said "Why am I being assigned to manage a harem?" to the agent he was talking to.
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