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Shujinko (シュジンコ, Shujinko), more often referred to as Shuji (シュジ, Shuji), was one of the 10,000 players trapped in Sword Art Online.
Two-Faced Feline
Personal Info
Real Name Fujimoto Asuka
Kanji フジモト アスカ
Romaji Fujimoto Asuka
Birthday May 20
Age 14
Gender Female
Height 155 cm
Weight 54 kg
Occupation Student
Player Profile
Display Name Shujinko
Kanji (Display) シュジンコ
Romaji (Display) Shujinko
Epithet Two-Faced Feline
VR Played SAO
Appears In Sword Art Online: Uncovered


Real World / Sword Art Online Avatar

Shuji normally wears her long, messy, black hair in a long, messy, black ponytail with bright red and blue ribbons streaming out from it. Her eyes are a dark reddish-brown. In SAO, Shuji wears light metal armor over a gray, knee-length robe with scarlet lining. She wears a thigh-length black dress underneath and scarlet, knee high stockings. A bold blue belt wraps around her waist, and a muffler of the same color flows from her neck. Her boots are black with blue and red lining. She wears fingerless gloves of a similar style. Shuji comes across black neko ears, which she always wears in her hair with her ponytail and ribbons. While attempting robberies (or "missions" as her guild likes to call it) she often wears a ragged, brown, hooded cloak over her outfit, since she cannot afford anything sleeker, and a mask which is designed to look suspiciously like a wildcat of some sort.


Shujinko has a very mischievous personality in-game. Shuji is very clever and a surprisingly good actress, which she uses a lot for her petty thieveries or to irritate and distract her opponents in battle. She is also characterized by her hot temper, which stays mostly outside of battle. Shuji, however, gets especially angry when someone hurts the people she loves. Despite her spirited willingness to fight for others, Shuji is a very broken character inside. She suffers from self-doubt and often cries when not in public. She takes on multiple alter egos in the game to cover up her real self that she dislikes so much. Though she is a thief, she has a small fanbase of green players on her home floor that look up to her. They admire her as a local superhero, because she gives half of her winnings in the guild to help the poor people in the town who don't have the strength for whatever reason to fight on the front lines. Shuji has a deep admiration for manga and light novels and often fantasizes about being the hero of those stories.


Shujinko came from a rich family in Tokyo. Life was good for the first five years of her life. Then, her father left Tokyo for reasons unknown to Shuji. She took his leaving personally, and her outlook on life started to turn to the negative side. Things simply got worse as she began to attend school. She was teased for her love of manga and light novels and for her lack of athletic ability. After awhile, she grew sick of the teasing. She got an idea from an American movie she watched on vacation. Shuji began taking on multiple personalities. She soon had several "characters" she would role play as at school, so that when people teased her, she would have them laughing at a different "character" rather than at her. People found her "characters" entertaining. She made many friends as an eleven-year-old. These "friends" were only really a fan base, though. The fan base grew as she did. Shuji only felt worse. She felt as if she were liked for being a mascot rather than for her real self. Shuji found escape in RPGs. Though she wasn't all that good at video games, they made her feel free as she roamed the gorgeous fantasy worlds. When Sword Art Online came out, Shuji was quick to buy it with the help of her mother's great wealth. She bought the NerveGear just as quickly soon after.


(Series title)



Shujinko is not as skillful as many of the other players at the start. She relies deeply on her cleverness and sneakiness to win. After awhile and much practice, though, her prowess with wild dance weapons becomes famous, as she becomes one of the few skilled wild dance users. Normally, Shuji prefers to fight from a long distance, her aim with throwing knives being unbelievable. When Shuji fights close combat, she fights by attacking her opponent's weak or blind sided with swift but powerful flurries of slashes with her katar claws. She is mostly on the defensive when not able to find a weakness, blocking and countering attacks and ducking them when necessary. Shuji later on receives the unique skill Uncovered Hero (more information to come).

Sword Art Online

  • Level: 93
  • HP: 12330

Main Equipment

  • Garras De León Katar Claws
  • Kunai Throwing Knives


Wild Dance Blade Throwing Acrobatics Hiding Picking
913 / 1000
989 / 1000
422 / 1000
900 / 1000
494 / 1000
Reveal Searching Straining Sprint Parry
899 / 1000
762 / 1000
749 / 1000
890 / 1000
925 / 1000
Battle Healing Light Metal Equipment
699 / 1000
998 / 1000

Alfheim Online

  • Level:
  • HP:
  • MP:

Main Equipment



Gun Gale Online

*Note: As GGO was a game created using [[w:c:swordartonline:The Seed|]], it resembles [[w:c:swordartonline:ALfheim Online|]] in the way that there is no level system, but rather utilizes a person's abilities to determine to their in-game abilities.

Main Equipment



Notable Achievements



  • Shuji, Shujinko's nickname, is actually a boy's name, so people ended up being confused when they first met her.
  • Shuji is afraid of heights, but was forced to learn the Acrobatics skill by her guild. After proving herself, however, she was finally allowed to carry out ambushes with both of her feet on the ground.
  • Shuji is disconcerted when she is speaking one-on-one to the opposite gender due to knowing nothing about what to talk about with them.
  • Shuji based her multiple alter egos off of combinations of her favorite anime characters.
  • Shuji is a klutz when not under the pressure of battle. Her greatest nemesis are chairs.
  • Shuji has a bad habit of holding her hands out like puppy paws.
  • Despite her love for animals, animals tend to strongly dislike Shuji.
  • Shuji's Garras De León claws were custom made for her as a gift from a close guild mate, and she refuses to use any other weapon.
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