Item Info
Name Shuiro
Kanji 朱色
Romaji Shuiro
Epithet Conflagrant Vermilion
VRMMORPG Endless Utopia Online
Item Type Weapon
Sub-type Chokuto

Shuiro is Akira Izanagi's secondary weapon, which he wields in Endless Utopia Online.


Shuiro takes the form of a Chokuto, which is similar to a Katana without the curve in the blade. The vermilion red blade is thicker than a normal Japanese blade; the blade's length is around 60 centimeters. Its hilt is silver and wrapped in a black samegawa with a small, dark-silver chain left hanging from the pommel. Akira had this weapon recently made so that he could learn Weapon Release with it.

The sheath of the weapon is fairly ordinary, but is designed to have Aera flow through it easily. This allows Akira to launch the sword at a rapid velocity and wield it in an Iaido style. The sheath is mostly black, with crimson dragon details and an intricate silver sun on the ends of the sheath. These suns have a gold circumference, with a single vermilion red dot in the exact center of it. This sun is also engraved into Shuiro's blade near where the hilt and blade meet.


  • Akira plans to wield Shuiro by itself once he learns Weapon Release with it.
  • Bianco & Nero continues to serve as Akira's primary weapon, though Shuiro will become more prominently used once Akira has mastered its Weapon Release.
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