Shred Shot
Weapon Info
Kanji シュレッド・ショット
Romaji Shureddo shotto
VRMMORPG Hazard ReBurst
Weapon Type Shotgun: Rave Blaster Type DB
Obtained/Made By Custom-made

The Shred Shot is Katie Kurasaki's primary firearm in Hazard ReBurst.


The Shred Shot is based on the Rave Blaster Type DB, a futuristic double-barreled shotgun with a prominent curve to the grip, two short magazine-like bumps in front of the trigger, and Rave Energy lines running throughout the barrel. Its barrel has been shortened from 25 inches to 16 inches, with white Rave Energy coursing through the weapon.


Due to Katie's Valvrave Archetype choice, she chose to create the Shred Shot to compliment her Phalanx Buster. She uses the shield to defend from damage while dealing massive damage with the Shred Shot, which fires multi-hit Rave Energy shrapnel that shreds the enemy's armor with ease; hence the name, Shred Shot. By slamming into an enemy and ramming them into the nearest wall, Katie can shred them apart with the Shred Shot. It's also very useful for crowd control, and is the most effective at close ranges, obviously.

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