Shock Talon
Weapon Info
Kanji ショック・タロン
Romaji Shokku taron
VRMMORPG Hazard ReBurst
Weapon Type Clawed Gauntlets: Rave Claw Type S

The Shock Talon is Nao Karino's melee weapon in Hazard ReBurst.


The Rave Claw Type S is a pair of armored gauntlets with electrified Rave Energy claws over its fingers. Various Rave Energy lines run throughout the gauntlets. Spikes running up the gauntlet can protrude forward to enhance punches. Any kind of Rave Energy construct can be generated around it to enhance strikes.


The Shock Talon is used for clawing enemies apart or punching an opponent into submission. Its electrified claws allow it to stun enemies by discharging voltage into the armor while attacking. Attacks can be charged up with Rave Energy to deal more damage, though the user must remain stationary to charge up attacks rapidly. The Shock Talon will gradually increase its voltage with each attack, starting at a very low voltage capable of incapacitating an unarmored individual. Its highest charge allows the user to overload another user's armor with energy, to the point where the enemy's armor will dismiss itself entirely after a single strike; putting this much energy into the Shock Talon will cause it to explode from the sheer amount of electricity and Rave Energy flowing through. The highest charge considered "safe" will cause electricity to arc one person to another, chaining into a crowd of 5 people at the most.

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