Shippu Kokutenfuu
Sword Skill Info
Kanji 疾風いこくてんふう
Romaji Shippu Kokutenfuu
New ALfheim Online
Weapon Skill Martial Arts
Color white

~ Galant

Shippu Kokutenfuu (literally, gale sky wind) is a heavy, high level 1 hit kick in Martial Arts Category in Sword Skill is SAO and New ALO.


This attack involve the rotation of the entire body and head before the kick is released. The user's leg bents like the front kick, but the knee is pointed at a target to the left or right of the true target. The energy from the snap is then redirected, turns into a 360° rotationand launches from one leg that incorporates an inward snapkick in the air, kicking the oponent in the side.

Advanced practice can complete more than 360º degrees in their aerial rotation, including 540º and 720º degrees.

The faster the turn, the stronger the attack.



  • The attacks former name was Spinning Air Kick.
  • It is based on a 360º circular kick in Taekwondo.
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